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FAST foldable table at the restored facilities of Osborne Winery


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Osborne Winery has chosen our FAST folding portable table to furnish its recently renovated facilities of Mora Winery in Puerto Santa María (Spain).

FAST fold up table, designed by Carlos Tíscar has an innovative systemallowing users to generate many different configurations with very little investment, as the same frame can be valid for several top sizes. Further more, there is no need of tooling to assemble and disassable which makes this model an easy and quick one. It has to be said that it won the  INNOVATION Product Award at  NeoCon Fair in Chicago

FAST Tables at Mora Winnery in Puerto Santa María
FAST Tables at Mora Winnery in Puerto Santa María


FAST can be converted into a folding table with wheels to move it easily from one place to another. Besides, other elements like corner tables, courtesy panel or transport trolley are also available.

Here we have a folding table suitable for those companies offering the possibility to hold different kind of events at their premises as it allows space saving and easy storage .

FAST foldable table at Osborne Winery

Bodegas Osborne has  thoroughly restored and extended the public zones inside the Mora Winery,  based in Puerto de Santa María.

New premises include a reception center for visitors, a tasting room and space for events celebrations.

FAST Tables at Mora Winnery in Puerto Santa María
FAST Tables at Mora Winnery in Puerto Santa María


The extension, restoration and interior project of the different spaces have been carried out by architect Javier Ollero, interior designer Guadalupe Grosso, the consulting Company 4 Paredes and architect Javier Pérez de Eulate.

Design and handicrafts have worked together and merging pure and minimalist lines with softer and warmer ones, they have brought contemporary style and local tradition to match.

At SELLEX we feel really proud to see that FAST foldable table has been  selected to equip this facility thanks to its great versatility and accurate design.