Kubrik, the modular bookcase for your workplace


Should you want to have a fully equipped office, you need tables, chairs and needless to say, bookcases too, but not whatever one. At the time to choose the furniture for an office, let's say  an architecture studio or a law office, the best option is a modular bookcase that allows to store and organize all the documentation which is dealt with daily.

Placing ourselves on the user's position and understanding which the needs in an office or workplace are, we decided to launch KUBRIK Modular Bookcase System on to the market, designed by Grupo ITEM, integrated by designers  Ana Roquero and Javier Cuñado.

This modular system, was initially aimed to equip any kind of office, offering an alternative to the traditional office shelving units.  First we introduced the modular program, allowing to make customized bookcases compositions in different heights and lengths. Later on, we added the moduls on castors or ‘ rollers', very practical in architecture studios or law offices.

KUBRIK Shelving-units System
KUBRIK Shelving-units System"


KUBRIK Modular Bookcase is made of anodized aluminium extruded profiles supported by epoxy  painted tube basement (fixed or with castors)

Side uprights and rear panels, as well as shelves and dividers, are made in melamine , white or grey.

Another advantage this modular shelving system has is the possibility to add accessories that may suit like: sliding doors in tempered glass, file drawers and moduls with door and lock.

KUBRIK Modular Bookcase System
KUBRIK Modular Bookcase System


Law offices

El Programa KUBRIK program was created with the aim to equip any office requiring  a shelving unit, and that has been the case. However, KUBRIK Modular Bookcases program soon found also a new market field, that of the law offices.

As a proof, the prestigious british lawyers firm  Stewarts Law LLP,  counted on our designs for their office facilities in London, Leeds and New York, more precisely on three of our series aimed to equip offices: KUBRIK, HANKA and JAKIN.

These projects have been furnished with the largest number of KUBRIK Bookcases carried out for each installation. Besides, the whole furniture was customized with the customers finishing choice, something that we really are prepared for at SELLEX.

KUBRIK bookcases
Stewarts Law in Leeds (UK). KUBRIK bookcases


Law offices is not the only sector in wich KUBRIK is present. Other companies from very different sort of specialities have found this bookcases system suitable for their offices.

That's the case of Roper office in Burgos, a doors manufacturer and of TEA (Arts Space in Tenerife), a cultural centre. Two facilities that having nothing in common, have chosen KUBRIK to equip their offices. Again, SELLEX furniture shows to be versatile.