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BILDU, a waiting bench


Categories: Product, Healthcare

It can be said that BILDU Modular Seating was born to accomodate waiting rooms. As time has gone by, this product has sourced its way into this market, turning a long wait  into a comfortable one.

BILDU bench was designed by Mario Ruiz, National Design Award in 2016, who knew how to achieve the target by creating an elegant and functional piece.

In fact, BILDU is introduced as a modular seating system allowing to make single,  two, three and four seaters compositions. Besides, it can be also customized. Armrests and tables (end-side, corner or extension ones) can be added and shells are available in natural wood, stained or upholstered.

 BILDU modular seating
BILDU modular seating


Its design enables to hide the joining parts of the different elements of the program, and therefore, to keep the pureness of the original design.

The thing that makes BILDU able to provide an adequate functionality as waiting room's bench is the possibility to make either single seats or compact compositions by joining modules. It is in the waiting rooms of clinics and hospitals where it has become more popular, but also we will find BILDU seatings at other facilities, like Family High Court in Sidney (Australia) or in the offices of the Company CDiscount de Medellín (Colombia).

 BILDU modular seating
BILDU modular seating


Nevertheless, as said before, this design of Mario Ruiz is mostly demanded by waiting areas at healthcare centers. Some examples are: Buztintxuri Healthcare Center (Spain), Seul Hospital (Korea) or Pediatric Oncology Clinic of the Misericordia Hospital Fondation in Bogotá (Colombia), all of them have decided to have BILDU system as the seating for its waiting rooms.

Something we know, wherever BILDU bench is, our waiting time will be comfortable.