Ágora International Congress Hall in Bogota focuses on SELLEX


Ágora International Congress Hall in Bogota


Ágora International Congress Hall, whose inauguration took place last january in Bogota (Colombia), has relied on SELLEX for the equipment of several areas of the facility. More precisely, the products selected by this centre which is considered as one of the most advanced and innvovatives in Latin America, have been two designs of  Lievore Altherr Molina (SLAM Lounge Chair and AERO Bench) and one of Carlos Tíscar (FAST Table).

A total of 700 FAST Tables have been placed in different parts of the building, like classrooms and events rooms, as well as in some other open spaces.

Besides, SLAM Lounge Chairs have been distributed in the lounge and rest rooms. The election of SLAM Lounge design has been really fortunate as a lounge chair design fits perfectly into this kind of resting areas. And for those places where you don't have to wait very long, they have chosen AERO Backless Bench, that we will find them along the building's corridors.

FAST Table at Ágora International Congress Hall
FAST Table at Ágora International Congress Hall.


An "imaginative building"

Ágora is a creation conceived by the spanish architects Herreros Studio and the one  from Bogota,  Bermúdez Arquitects and a look at the figures will give us an idea of the magnitud of the project: 360.000 millions of colombian pesos have been invested,   134.000 cubic meters of earth have been digged out, 60.000 cubic meters of concrete used in its construction and over 5.000 tons of steel.

The final outcome is a facility of almost 65.000 sqms that can  accommodate 6.000 people.

The exterior façade is the most striking element, composed of 16.470 sqm of glass. It is undoubtley the key piece of this architectonic ensemble, sorted out like a city. The hall pretends a town square sorrounded by different meeting rooms which might be the Old Part's blocks of flats.

The Project started in 2014 and has been awarded with important recognizition for ‘being an imaginative building which responds clearly to the modern trends in architecture'.  It is so declared on the Centre's website and we completely agree with it.