LASAI Benchwood at Amival new headquarters



AMIVAL's new headquarters in Turnhout (Belgium) will have LASAI Benchwood in the lounge areas. This design of Burkhard Vogtherr welcomes employees and visitors of this Company whose philosophy is the labour integration.

More precisely, AMIVAL employs 485 people, and 400 of them have soft disabilities. They offer packaging, labelling and binding services mainly.

The new headquarters in Turnhout confirm once again that labour integration is possible when there is goodwill and it is managed properly. Along the year, AMIVAL has become a reference in the field of social labour integration of the handicapped people.

Exclusive Spaces

AMIVAL new location in the belgium city of Turnout is the third brach of the Company and it can be said that it is the most exclusive one, so LASAI Benchwood fits fine in the lounge areas.

 LASAI Benchwood at AMIVAL Company in Turnhout.
LASAI Benchwood at AMIVAL Company in Turnhout.


Burkhard Vogtherr created this design of lounge bench thinking to give a solution for spaces with a touch of glamour and elegance. LASAI Benchwood came to join the Collection in 2008 when it was launched at ORGATEC Fair the same year and since then, it has accomplished the mission of furnishing spaces which find to add a unique air.

LASAI Benchwood is available in 2, 3 or 4 seaters. AMIVAL has placed the longest one, of 4 seaters to offer this comfortable and exclusive seating to employers and visitors.

Other exclusive spaces

As well as AMIVAL, there are other places which have counted on this exclusive bench design, like Corneuve City Hall in France, or Peñafiel Residence in Valladolid (Spain), where this bench looks beautiful at the chapel. A different purpose for this benchwood.