DON a "monobloc" chair


No element joins the backrest with the seat, nor the seat with the armrests. The DON Chair is a single block, and that was the idea with which Gemma Bernal designed it for SELLEX. We were looking for a family of chairs with a single monobloc shell so that the backrest, seat and arms were, in one piece, capable of adapting to different bases. And therein lies the key of DON, all the versions of the DON Chair share the same shell, but each model has its own identity.

Another aspect that they share in terms of aesthetics is their upholstery. DON Chairs are upholstered on the front, leaving oak plywood on the sides. But the base change makes each chair different.

Choose your chair DON

Four-legs armchair DON

In this version of the DON chair, the monobloc shell is held on four legs of cold-rolled and chrome-plated tube, ST 37 quality. With a more conventional format is perhaps the most versatile chair of all.

Crossleg Swivel Armachair DON

Four 6 mm steel sheet feet form this variant of the DON Chair  that also includes a turning mechanism.

Swivel Leg Armchair DON

Like the previous one, this DON chair also has a turning mechanism, but in this case it does so on a steel base.

DON Chair on Castor

Having a rotating wheel base, this variant of the DON family is often used to equip work spaces: offices, offices, meeting rooms ...

Royal Palace Theater Café in Paris, DON Chair
Royal Palace Theater Café in Paris, DON Chair

Facilities with DON Chair

The fact of being a family with four different designs allows the DON Chair to be present in all types of facilities, for example in hospitality projects. Several have been the establishments that have relied on the DON Chair. The Café of the Theater of the Royal Palace of Paris did it with the Swivel Leg Armchair and some of the Barceló hotels with the Crossleg Swivel Armachair

As we saw earlier, DON is also a perfect work chair that many companies choose for their offices. This was the case of the Hungarian National Communications Authority, which opted for the Crossleg  Swivel Armachair  for its offices in Budapest. For its part, the Valladolid company Castel Energy preferred the Swivel Armchar.

Education is another of the areas in which we can find a DON Chair. The classrooms of the University of Lima were equipped with two of its variants, the four legs version and the on castor chair.