The sobriety of the San José Crematorium


If there is a word that defines the San José Crematorium from Miranda de Ebro (Spain) it is sobriety. A sobriety that is transmitted through a building with linear elements and a large exterior porch that welcomes family and friends. The interior also reaffirms this idea through the use of materials and the choice of furniture pieces, among which is the AERO Bench designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for SELLEX.


San José Crematorium, Miranda de Ebro (Spain)
San José Crematorium, Miranda de Ebro (Spain)


The installation of nearly 2,000 m2 is located in Polígono de Bayas, very close to the Funeral Home of the same name. It has a columbarium, 3 crematorium ovens, 7 wakes, a multi-confessional room, a flower shop and a large outdoor parking. It is precisely in the multi-confessional room with capacity for more than 130 people where the 17 self-supporting AERO Benches with oak central arms are located.

The AERO Bench has a long tradition as a bench for funeral homes and wakes. From SELLEX we are pleased to see that this continues strongly in the present.