Airport Seating

Airport Seating has special requirements. There are different areas (Airport Terminal Shops, Airport Waiting Areas,…) with different demands. At SELLEX, we have developed specific Airport Seating.

Airport Seating

The Best options for Airport Seating

Airports act as showwindows, exhibitors of the big cities. First impression the visitors will have when arriving in a city (or country) is the airport and Airport Seating furniture.

First two things the tourist will see and will remember are:

  • * The Airport Terminal building.
  • * The Airport Terminal Seating displayed there.

The Airport Terminal is usually projected by a prestigious Architecture Studio which carries out an impressive work and which has chosen the Airport Chairs carefully. Hence the importance of choosing the proper Airport Seating to furnish the terminal as it will be the first reference for the traveler.

In this sense, the different options of Airport Lounge Chairs offered by SELLEX are the ideal product for the Airport Seating Areas thanks to their exceptional design,

Airport Lounge Chairs

The Best options for Airport Lounge Chairs

SELLEX is able to offer a complete range of products for the Airport Waiting Areas.

AERO Bench, BILDU Beam seating and other SELLEX products are recognized as one of the best options to be used as Airport Terminal Seating at Airport Seating areas.

If you want to know more about our Airport Waiting Chair models and the projects where our products has been used as Airport Terminal Seating, you can see some examples below.