Folding event tables and hospitality

The facilities designed to host all type events require furniture that allows space optimization. The multi-purpose folding tables are the most recommended ones in spaces where work meetings, seminars, weddings and other events of hospitality are held.

Folding table mechanism

The folding tables of SELLEX are versatile, robust and very practical. Versatile because they are useful as folding tables for any type of event. Robust because of its material and design which guarantee the maximum durability over time. And very practical because they can be folded easily and stacked simply to occupy the minimum space.

In SELLEX we have two folding table mechanism: the FOLD folding leg, designed by O.T.S, and the FAST folding frame, designed by Carlos Tiscar. Both of them are perfect to store a large number of tables in a very small space.

1. Folding leg

The FOLD folding leg is a folding table system that can be used to form square, oval, rectangular or round tables. As the table legs can be folded, the table assembly and disassembly is fast.

2. Folding frame

Unlike the FOLD Table in which legs are folded, the FAST Folding Table is a detachable table where legs and frame are independent pieces. This system, designed by Carlos Tiscar, is made up of a painted steel (white, black or grey) folding frame and one or more tops of different dimensions and formats (rectangular or round). The FAST Folding Table opens a wide range of possibilities for multi-purpose spaces thanks to the many configurations of multi-purpose tables that can be generated with a minimum stock.

The FAST folding frames is composed of two steel structures joined by a ball joint swivel to facilitate the movement of the legs in different positions.

Folding table cart

Both the FOLD leg and the FAST frame have a folding table cart.

The FOLD folding table mechanism includes a stacking and transport trolley that allows stacking the tables and save a lot of space where tables are not being used in an event.

For its part, the trolley included in FAST Folding Table allows the storage of 6 frames and 6 tops.

Folding event tables and hospitality

The folding table format

The variety of materials, shapes and sizes offered by SELLEX make our folding tables ideal for indoor or outdoor events, banquets, parties or even sanitary and institutional use. Thanks to their designs empty rooms are transformed into dining rooms and conference rooms in minutes, maximizing storage space when they are not in use.

These are the SELLEX folding table formats:

1.Square or rectangular tables

The square and rectangular tables have right angle edges that allow to join tables to add more diners or attendees. They allow to seat more users in comparison with other forms of table. Additional tables with same height and similar top fit together to achieve a perfect appearance.

The FOLD square folding table has minimum dimensions of 80x80 cm. In addition, one of the tops of FAST Folding Table is rectangular. The dimensions of these rectangular tables can be 1200x600, 1600x600 or 1800x600. Keep in mind that FOLD leg can be used in rectangular folding tables.

2. Round or oval tables

The round or oval tables allow clients and guests face each other to talk easily while they are seated.  Versatile and functional, they are ideal for every event, from parties and banquets to conferences. They are also perfects for completing ambient designs in haute cuisine or wedding events. However, although they help to divide a room for aesthetic reasons, they reduce the total seating capacity of the premise or establishment.

The FOLD round folding tables usually have a minimum diameter of 100 cm.

Facilities with SELLEX folding tables

The facilities dedicated to event planning (hotels, restaurants, conference halls, etc.) can find folding tables very useful, especially because of their versatility. It is a piece of furniture that can be used for both a wedding banquet and a congress celebration. Hospitality is a sector that often requires these kind of multi-purpose tables for their dining rooms. On many occasions large rooms are often used for different celebrations, so a folding table that can be collected when not being used it is very practical.

This multipurpose folding table can be used as a party table, banquet and other events, whether catering or work (seminars, meetings, etc.).

Classrooms, educational centres, universities, offices... are some spaces that also demand this type of multi-purpose tables.