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  • 12.01.2018

    BILDU, a waiting bench

    It can be said that BILDU Modular Seating was born to accomodate waiting rooms. As time has gone by, this product has sourced its way into this market, turning a long wait  into a...

  • 20.12.2017

    SLAM Chairs and bench seatings at Atenea Clinic

    Atenea Clinic has trusted SELLEX products to equip its new center in L'Eliana (Spain) which has been inaugurated last September. SLAM Chairs and bench seatings have been selected for the new...

  • 19.12.2017

    JAKIN, more than just library furniture

    Not only large projets, as it is the case of Public Libraries, have to meet with special requirements.  Also small office  libraries need an specific equipment, JAKIN program, design by...