Bench wall hanging


Bench wall hanging


AERO is the happy outcome of a combination of minimalism, ligthness, elegance, comfort and sturdiness. All this based on grooved aluminium profiles recalling an aircraft' swing. The materials used in its construction, aluminium and stainless steel, make AERO suitable both for indoors and outdoors purposes. No doubt AERO has become the leading in Aluminium benches.

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Made of extruded aluminium profiles with surface slightly grooved, with end caps in laser-cut stainless steel.

Estimated space by place, 62 cm.

Wall hanging:
Support in stainless steel sheet, laser cut, 10 mm thick.
Benches of 2, 3 and 4 places: 2 supports.
Benches of 5, 6 and 7 places: 3 supports.

Versions in Nature, Stamskin and Leather cover the front of the aluminium shell.
Versions in Polyurethane and wood leave a visible aluminium strip.

Upon request, versions in Nature, Stamskin and Leather can also be available with the visible aluminium strip.

Cidemco Certificate for public use. Standard NFD 61071-1991

AERO bench hanging on wall





Wooden, integral leather (polyurethane) or upholstered.



Dimensions: 37,5x49,6cm

Weight: 3,5 kgs.

Natural aluminium

AERO bench with aluminium armrests offprint

pdf - 57.78 Kb

Aero Wall Hanging Technical Data

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Aero Summary Product Sheet

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Catalogue Aero

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Aero Installations

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Oak Wooden finishings

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2D File Bench Wall Hanging

dwg - 289.18 Kb

Bench Wall Hanging with arms

dwg - 792.1 Kb

Bench Wall Hanging with arms and tables

dwg - 939.27 Kb

Bench Wall Hanging with tables

dwg - 447.01 Kb

3D File Bench Wall Hanging 3 places with arms and tables

dwg - 365.75 Kb

Bench Wall Hanging 4 places with arms and tables

dwg - 458.96 Kb

Bench Wall Hanging 5 places with arms and tables

dwg - 540.08 Kb

Bench Wall Hanging 6 places with arms and tables

dwg - 551.29 Kb

Bench Wall Hanging 7 places with arms and tables

dwg - 596.42 Kb

Frame Finishings

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Warranty Product

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Gallery of Photos AERO

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AERO Bench Sales tools

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Other products AERO

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