Basic Chair


Basic Chair


Chair with armrests, stainless steel frame, available in two versions: with upholstered or wooden shell.

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(A)Wood: plywood board shell, 12 mm. thick.
(B)Upholstery: polyurethane cushions on upholstered wood supports.

Upholstery thickness, seat 70 mm and back 60 mm.

C.O.M :
Plain Fabric one chair : 110 x 160 cm.
Patterned Fabric one chair : 220 x 160 cm.

Cidemco Certificate for public use. Standard UNE 11010-89

4-leg frame: 
Stainless steel tube Ø 16 x 1.5 mm.
Knee-cap foot.

Packing unit: 2
Box dimensions: 88 x 57.5 x 66 cm
Chair weight: 6.1 Kg

Wooden : 6
Non-stacking in upholstered version

IRINA basic chair

Irina Basic Chair Technical Data (Upholstered)

pdf - 44.46 Kb

Irina Basic Chair Technical Data (Wood)

pdf - 35.57 Kb

Catalogue Irina, Planc

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Irina Installations

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Gallery of Photos IRINA

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Oak Wooden finishings

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pdf - 658.02 Kb

BIM Revit Irina chair

rfa - 596 Kb

2D File Irina upholstered chair

dwg - 181.38 Kb

3D File Irina upholstered chair

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Irina wooden chair

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Warranty Product

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Frame Finishings

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