Basic Chair


Basic Chair


The NEST Basic Chair stands out for being a comfortable and stackable chair, two characteristics that do not always go hand in hand. Thanks to the separation between backrest and armrests, the NEST Basic Chair offers a maximum sensation of comfort as it adapts to the back of each person. And it can be stacked up to 6 high on the floor.

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Polypropylene + 20% fiberglass with textured finish and variable thickness.
Upholstered seat with polyurethane foam of 40 kg/m3 density.
Tube frame diameter 16x2mm. painted with textured epoxy paint.

Packing unit : 4 per box
Box dimensions: 690x600x960
Chair weight: 5,8 kg
Stackable: 6 units on the floor


NEST Basic Chair

Technical data NEST basic chair

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2D File NEST Basic

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3D File NEST Basic

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Polypropylene Finishings

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Warranty Product

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