High Chair 76


High Chair 76


SLAM High Chair provides the functionality of a barstool but with greater comfort. This member of the SLAM family, is suitable to furnish the hotel and restaurant spaces with a refined aesthetic.

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3D WOOD : American Oak Plywood previously treated to be bent in three dimensions.    
7mm Thickness and rounded edges.   
POLYPROPYLENE : Polypropylene shell with 15%conformed fiberglassand variable thickness according to requirements.     
Rounded edgeall along the perimeter 7mm thick.     
UPHOLSTERED: Upholstered polypropylene shell with 15% fiberglass and 10mm thick foam and 45kg/m3 density.    
Steel painted rod 12mm diameter.  
Packing unit : 1 chair per box.
Box dimensions : Aprox. 51x58x110 cm.
Polypropylene Chair : 8,1 Kg.
3D Wooden Chair: 7,8 Kg.  
Upholstered Chair : 8,5 Kg.

SLAM 76 Chair

SLAM High chair offprint

pdf - 50.65 Kb

Slam Installations

pdf - 46.78 Kb

Gallery of Photos SLAM High Chair

zip - 270.97 Kb

Polypropylene Finishings

pdf - 267.77 Kb

Oak Wooden finishings

pdf - 33.55 Kb

Technical Data SLAM High Chair 76

pdf - 63.58 Kb

Upholsteries Group A

pdf - 68.51 Kb

Group B

pdf - 68.82 Kb

Group C

pdf - 69.08 Kb

Group D

pdf - 103.7 Kb

2D SLAM High Chair 76cm

dwg - 101.63 Kb

3D SLAM High Chair 76

dwg - 364.49 Kb

Fire-retardant certificate UNE EN 1021 1:2006 & UNE EN 1021 2:2006

pdf - 302.42 Kb

Fire-retardant certificate BS5852:2006

pdf - 234.47 Kb

Fire-retardant certificate UNI 9175:2010

pdf - 285.23 Kb

3D SLAM ANSI-BIFMA certificate X5.1-2011Apt.6

pdf - 114.37 Kb

Warranty Product

pdf - 18.38 Kb

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