Singular Elements


Singular Elements



Specially designed for the equipment of Libraries, able to meet with a wide range of needs, from the small office to the the big Public Library. It is base on a modular system allowing solutions "to measure" for any different necessity of furnishing. It counts on all singular elements suitable for this kind of equipments, such as Reception Desk, Computer workplace,...

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Catalogue Jakin

pdf - 1.88 Mb

Jakin Installations

pdf - 133.42 Kb

Computer place Technical Data

pdf - 39.52 Kb

Books trolley Technical Data

pdf - 63.35 Kb

Toy Library furniture Technical Data

pdf - 45.29 Kb

Displays Technical Data

pdf - 94.17 Kb

3D File CTL-Books trolly

dwg - 2.73 Mb

PO- Computer place

dwg - 489.88 Kb

ECDE- CD Display 45x90

dwg - 1.39 Mb

ECDE- CD Display 60x90

dwg - 1.63 Mb

ECDE- CD Display 45x120

dwg - 1.39 Mb

ECDE- CD Display 60x120

dwg - 1.63 Mb

EDVDE-DVD Display 60x90

dwg - 1005.56 Kb

EDVDE-DVD Display 60x120

dwg - 1006.17 Kb

EP- Wall display

dwg - 131.2 Kb

ERE-Magazine display 45x90

dwg - 1.01 Mb

ERE-Magazine display 45x120

dwg - 1.01 Mb

MLA- Kids furniture-container

dwg - 421.02 Kb

MLB-Kids furniture-container with dividers

dwg - 890.64 Kb

MLC- Kids furniture- dividers

dwg - 879.52 Kb

MLD- Kids furniture- drawers

dwg - 1.08 Mb

CIDEMCO Certificate

pdf - 727.07 Kb

Warranty Product

pdf - 15.15 Kb

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