Specially designed for the equipment of Libraries, able to meet with a wide range of needs, from the small office to the the big Public Library. It is base on a modular system allowing solutions "to measure" for any different necessity of furnishing.

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Operational Working TableTechnical Data

pdf - 78.13 Kb

Studio Table Technical Data

pdf - 32.85 Kb

Reception Table Technical Data

pdf - 61.93 Kb

Computer place Technical Data

pdf - 50.23 Kb

Kid's Table Technical data

pdf - 43.85 Kb

Catalogue Jakin

pdf - 1.88 Mb

Jakin Installations

pdf - 133.42 Kb

MBE-Studio table 260x110

dwg - 32.49 Kb

MPOA- Operational Working table

dwg - 31.24 Kb

MRS- Single reception desk

dwg - 1.59 Mb

MRAD- Reception desk with right extension top

dwg - 1.9 Mb

MRAI- Reception desk with left extension top

dwg - 1.8 Mb

PI- Computer place

dwg - 844.5 Kb

MLA-kids Toy library table

dwg - 36.87 Kb

MLB- Kids Toy library table 0 119

dwg - 32.71 Kb

MLC- Kids Toy library table 90x90

dwg - 31.15 Kb

CIDEMCO Certificate

pdf - 727.07 Kb

Warranty Product

pdf - 15.15 Kb

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