Partition Wall: 50 cm


Partition Wall: 50 cm



The smallest measure of CALM Partition Walls is 50 cm wide, perfect for limited workspaces or customer service areas. Just like other CALM environment dividers, 50 cm CALM Partition Wall can be made of oak melamine, upholstered or sound absorbing upholstered and it can be placed separately or creating a rectangular or trapezoidal composition.

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Made of melamine panel ( thickness:16mm ) or upholstered in fabrics according to our catalog.
Steel tube with diameter 12x1.5 mm, steel plates of 6mm thickness and aluminum profile painted in epoxy.
Right turn axis.
Left turn axis.
Extension module.



calm 50 partition wall

CALM Partition Wall 50cm Technical Data

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Catalogue CALM Partition Walls

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Gallery of Photos CALM

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2D File CALM 50 cm Partition Wall

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3D File CALM 50 cm A1 Partition Wall

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3D File CALM 50 cm A2 Partition Wall

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3D File CALM 50 cm B1 Partition Wall

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3D File CALM 50 cm B2 Partition Wall

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3D File CALM 50 cm C1 Partition Wall

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CALM Pictures in High resolution

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