Design: Estudi Blanc

Shelving system made of extruded aluminium profile, natural anodized which allows a light between 900mm and 1800mm.

Shelves can be removed and the space to leave between shelves is left to the choice of the user.Shelf-unit can be extended alongside in an endless way by using the linking upright.It can be double-face (two shelf-units sharing side uprights back to back). The double-face shelf-unit is not extendable in length. It also allows to place hanging files leant against the shelves (files dimensions: 42cm.)

Other versions

Technical data

HANKA Shelving System

Side upright support and  Framework : Extruded aluminium profile, natural anodized.
Side upright support : It is equipped with an adjustable feet of 47mm diameter.

Shelves : 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800 mm.
Melamine 8 mm., Metacrilato or Steel sheet of 1,5mm thickness and epoxi painted in White, Black or Grey.

Framework is not needed for steel shelves.

Heights : 1200 (4 shelves), 1600 (5 shelves) and 2000 (6 shelves).


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