5 shelves


5 shelves


Wall shelving system in extruded aluminium and upright tubes are the basic elements of this system enabling to build a vaste range of compositions, from open shelving units to long closed cupboards. The formal and cosntructive synthesis, the variety of finishings and available accessories make of ZUMM a suitable product both for Residential and Contract. There can be either fixed to the wall "unlimited in height and length", or self-standing or hanging on the wall.

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Wall rack modular system.

Adjuster bases:

2 required per piece of furniture. Steel Foot epoxy 9006 coated or black painted. Adjuster foot between 7 and 9 mm heights.

Wall racks:Extruded aluminium with surface slightly grooved, 15 mm thick.

Background shelves 50 cm, consist of 2 profiles (32.5 +17.5 cm) that are shipped disassembled for assembly at destination.

Shelves are identified according to their position in assembly:

I: Bottom shelf.

IN: Standard intermediate shelf

IA: Intermediate shelf for wall fixing in wall racks with more than 4 shelves.

SA: Top shelf when wall rack has 6 or more shelves.

SB: Top shelf when wall rack has less than 6 shelves.


Rod 16 x 330 or 16 x 400 mm diameter finish in matt chrome or black chrome.

Spacers to be used in top section of wall rack have a through hole to allow a thorough tightening. It is convenient to identify them before starting the assembly.

Sliding doors: Extruded aluminium frame. Glass: beige, coffee, aluminium or red colour.

Side locks: Aluminium 6 mm thick, aluminium or black colour painted.

Rears: Steel sheet 1 mm epoxy coated.

Load capacity: 70 kg/shelf lineal meter.

Scheme: 33cm. spacer

ZUMM 5 shelves
Sliding door

Sliding door

80 x 139,5 cm.

Side cover

Side cover

139,5 x 32,4 cm.

Rear panel

Rear panel

160 x 33 xm.

200 x 33 cm.



750 x 337 x 3 mm

Zumm 5 shelves Technical Data

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Zumm Summary Product Sheet

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Catalogue Zumm

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Supplementary Catalogue Zumm

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Zumm Finishings

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Warranty Product

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