HANDY Stool is an auxiliary furniture element with different  finishes, in order to equip all type of spaces. HANDY family offers a stool version manufactured in polypropylene, which gives it a greater versatility to be used as a seat or as a table.

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Polypropylene shell with several thickness and four glides in thermo-plastic elastomer.

Packing Unit : 4 per box.
Box dimensions
: 430x430x740
Weight: 3,3 Kg.
Stackable on the floor: 20 units.

Trolley handle (just the handle)/

Trolley handle (just the handle)/

Trolley for transportation

Trolley for transportation

Catalogue HANDY Stool

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Gallery of Photos HANDY Stool

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Polypropylene Finishings

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HANDY video -1

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HANDY video -2

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HANDY video -3

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HANDY video -4

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HANDY Stool Technical Data

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BIM Revit HANDY Stool

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3D File HANDY Stool

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2D File HANDY Stool

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HANDY Stool Ecodesign

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Warranty Product

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HANDY Pictures in High resolution

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HANDY Stool Sales tools

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HANDY Installations

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