Stool Wooden Pad


Stool Wooden Pad


HANDY Stool with Wooden Pad is a very versatile stool with different finishes. It can equip all kind of facilities and spaces. This HANDY Stool version has an oak, walnut or beech wood Pad, finishes that give greater elegance to this multipurpose stool.

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Polypropylene shell with several thickness and four glides in thermo-plastic elastomer.


Natural oakwood pad, veneered or stained.

Packing Unit : 4 per box.
Box dimensions
: 430x430x740
Weight: 3,3 Kg.
Stackable on the floor: 20 units.

HANDY Stool Wooden pad
Trolley handle (just the handle)/

Trolley handle (just the handle)/

Trolley for transportation

Trolley for transportation

Catalogue HANDY Stool

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Gallery of Photos HANDY Stool

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HANDY Stool Wooden Pad Technical Data

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Polypropylene Finishings

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HANDY video -1

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HANDY video -2

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HANDY video -3

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HANDY video -4

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Oak Wooden finishings

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Beech Wooden finishings

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3D File HANDY Stool Wooden Pad

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2D File HANDY Stool Wooden Pad

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Warranty Product

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HANDY Pictures in High resolution

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HANDY Stool Sales tools

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HANDY Installations

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