Rectangular Meeting Table


Rectangular Meeting Table


FLY is a table that combines simplicity and elegance. FLY is the way of understanding the operational spaces of offices and workplaces.

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In MDF 30mm thick, with chamfered edges.
Finishings can be in satin lacquered white, grey, black or natural satin oakwood. All textured.

Available dimensions:
200 x 120 cm.

Table FLY XL Rectangular - Tops


Injection moulded aluminium.
The legs are fixed to the top by runners in a rail incorporated to the top.
Finishings can be be in white, grey or black satin lacquer. All textured.

Adjustable foot:

Legs are provided with cylindric black adjuntable foot.
It allows to adjust it up to 8mm height.

Table FLY XL Rectangular - Legs
Linking device for Tops

Linking device for Tops

Injection-moulded aluminium.
Allowing to link the tops either frontally or at the sides.

Divider panel

Divider panel

Available in two sizes: 1.200 mm for the frontal panel and 600 mm for side panel.
Finishings can be be in white, grey or black satin lacquer. All textured.

Courtesy panel

Courtesy panel

Available in 1.200 mm.
Finishings can be be in white, grey or black satin lacquer. All textured.

Cable holder

Cable holder

Made of silicon material, metal inner part.

Cable holder Fabric

Cable holder Fabric

Made in fire-retardant polyester fabric, with velcro strip for an easy installation.
Available in colours Beige and Dark Grey.

Electrical connections

Electrical connections

Bachmann assembling kit ( 250 x 150 mm ).
Electrical power supply:
2 Schuko supplies
2 x CAT5e RJ45.
Front side: female supply/Rear side: female supply.
Electrical power input: 0.1 m, H05W-F 36, 1.50 mm2 black, with male connection Wieland GST18/3.
Electrical feeder device:
Angled Plug Schuko, lado 1
Female socket Wieland GST 18/3, side 2.
Length 2 m.
Connection Cable for telephone and internet:
The provided cable is compatible with digital telephones and non-analogic ones.
Length 3m.

Gallery of Photos FLY Table

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Frame Finishings

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Fly Rectangular Meeting Table Technical data

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Catalogue Fly

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Fly Summary Product Sheet

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2D File FLY Table XL

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3D FLY Table 2000x1200

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Warranty Product

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Oak Wooden finishings

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MDF Lacquered finishings

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FLY Table Sales tools

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FLY Installations

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