Meeting Table


Meeting Table



Its unique design and functionality make of LORCA table a singular element at offices, workplaces and reading rooms.

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Meeting tables with Single Top : 180x100 / 200x100 cm.
Meeting tables with Double Top : 210x130 / 280x130 / 350x130 cm.

Top: chipboard veneered or lacquered 31mm thick, 10mm bevelled edges.

Frame: metal steel tube, epoxy painted.

Legs: solid wood veneered or lacquered 70x40mm.


LORCA Meeting Table
Cable Holder

Cable Holder

Steel tray epoxy painted.

Connections kit

Connections kit

25x15 cm

2 electric power sources and 2 espaces for voice connectors and data.

Gallery of Photos LORCA Table

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Catalogue Jakin

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Lorca Installations

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CIDEMCO Certificate

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Warranty Product

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Lorca Meeting Table Technical Data

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3D LORCA Meeting Table 2800x1300

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3D File LORCA Meeting Table 2100x1300

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3D LORCA Meeting Table 3500x1300

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Oak Wooden finishings

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MDF Lacquered finishings

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Table LORCA Sales tools

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