Square Table


Square Table


Table with a base specially suitable for Hospitality purposes: coffe-shops, cafeterias, bars, restaurants... and both for indoors and outdoors. Glass or COMPACT laminated top.

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Frame :
Base of sheet 470x470x6 mm. Columns Ø 45 x 2 mm

Frame finish in shot blasted base and chromed for indoors, or grey anthracite epoxy coating with previous cataphoresis treatment for outdoor use. Grey anthracite epoxy column with previous cataphoresis treatment.

70 x 70 cm.
Tempered glass top 10 mm thick, opaque, vitrified.

80 x 80 cm.
70 x 70 cm.
Synthetic material COMPACT 12 mm, anthracite colour, suitable for outdoor use.

PLANC Square

Planc Square Table Technical Data

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Catalogue Planc, Irina

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PLANC Installations

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2D File Planc table 70x70

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Planc Table 80x80

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Gallery of Photos PLANC Table

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Tops Compact Finishings

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Warranty Product

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Frame Finishings

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PLANC Table Sales tools

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