Table 110cm Height


Table 110cm Height



Facing new times means to have to adapt to new ways of leisure and work, so new solutions are to be found. In order to solve these needs in working spaces, hotel zones or waiting areas in passenger terminals, we have developed the new ZUBI Tables system.
A system allowing to create both, single tables of several sizes (in length, depth or height) or table compositions of different height to meet with each space requirement. Natural wood or stained finishes are available, as well as the option to have electric connections adapted to each facility.

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Legs :

Legs of 100mm width, made by using 'folding' technique and finished in oak veneer, natural or stained, and MDF lacquered.

Tops :

Veneer wood sheets 50mm thick, finishings in natural or stained and MDF lacquered.

Beam :

Painted steel beam with option to incorporate electrification

ZUBI Table 110 cm Height

Gallery of Photos ZUBI Table

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ZUBI Table 110 cm. height Technical Data

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2D File ZUBI Table 1100 H

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Archivo 3D Mesa Zubi 1200x700x1100

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ZUBI Table 1200x900x1100

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ZUBI Table 1200x1100x1100

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ZUBI Table 1800x700x1100

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ZUBI Table 1800x900x1100

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ZUBI Table 1800x1100x1100

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ZUBI Table 2400x700x1100

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ZUBI Table 2400x900x1100

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ZUBI Table 2400x1100x1100

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ZUBI Table 3000x700x1100

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ZUBI Table 3000x900x1100

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ZUBI Table 3000x1100x1100

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Catalogue ZUBI

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Oak Wooden finishings

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MDF Lacquered finishings

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Warranty Product

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Table ZUBI Sales tools

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