Terminal Seating

Passenger terminal seating has special requirements. There are different areas in terminals (terminal shops, terminal waiting areas and so on) and each of them has specific needs. At SELLEX we have developed products that answer to these specific needs with seating that adapt to each of these areas as passenger terminal benches and passenger terminal chairs for waiting areas.

Benches for passenger terminals

The features of the passenger terminal benches depend on the type of terminal they are going to equip. In this sense, we can distinguish three types of seating for passenger terminals:

- Airport benches.

- Train and bus station benches.

- Sea terminal benches.

AERO Bench, BILDU Bench and other SELLEX products are recognized as one of the best options to be used in the waiting areas of passenger terminals.


The best options for airport seating

Airports act as showcases of big cities. The first impression visitors will have when arriving in a city (or a country) is the passenger terminal they arrive at. And a very important part of the furniture are the terminal benches.

The first two things that a traveller will see and remember are:

- Terminal building.

- Terminal Seating displayed there.

Passenger terminals are usually projected by a prestigious Architecture Studio which carries out an impressive work and chooses the terminal furniture very carefully. Hence the importance that terminal benches meet the idea of the architect as it will be the first reference for the traveller.

In this sense, the different options of terminal waiting chairs and benches offered by SELLEX, are the ideal seating for those areas because they perfectly integrate their exceptional design with the functionality required by the airport furniture, used daily by thousands of travellers.

One of SELLEX products that best fits in airports is AERO Bench. Together with its exceptional design, supported by numerous international awards, a series of technical features make it especially suitable for these spaces:

- Different finish versions: aluminium, leather pads, fabric pads, wooden pads or polyurethane pads.

- Different versions: with backrest and without backrest.

- Different dimensions (from 2 seaters -125 cm- to 7 seaters - 435 cm-) with two legs.

- Option of armrest in any position and possibility of using different materials: aluminium, leather, fabric, wood or polyurethane.

- Option of bench electrification, adding power outlet.

- Option of side tables.

- Practically no need of maintenance.

- Practically whole life warranty.

Terminal seating


The best options for train station seating and bus station seating

Train and bus station benches, have to assume a significant flow of travellers and be able to resist their intensive use without problems.

It is important, therefore, that the aesthetics of the benches is adequate for the space to which it is addressed and that it is combined with a resistance to a very hard and demanding treatment.

SELLEX is able to offer a wide range of products (chairs and benches) that meet these requirements and are suitable for waiting areas of train and bus stations.

Maybe the seating par excellence for this type of installations is VACANTE, a bench that has shown that the passing of time and the use that it has been subjected do not suppose any problem. The technical features of this design created by Enric Miralles for SELLEX allow it to be present in many train and bus stations:

- Seat depth: 511 mm or 651 mm.

- Bench positioning: self-standing or floor fixing.

- Dimensions: starting with 2 seaters and it can be as long as necessary.

- Materials: painted steel or stainless steel.

- Practically no need of maintenance.

- Practically whole life warranty.

Seating for passenger terminals


The best benches for sea terminals

Sea terminals also are showcases where many people pass by. But in this case the requirements are more demanding for benches.

The closeness of sea, with the possible corrosion problems due to the salinity of environment, it is a factor that must be taken into account when addressing the furnishing of these spaces.

In the case of SELLEX, we have AERO Bench, which offers absolute guarantees for demanding environments as these.

In effect, the materials of AERO Bench guarantee the total absence of problems in saline environments.

- Shell manufactured in aluminium.

- Legs manufactured in stainless Steel.

- Feet manufactured in aluminium.

And maintaining a wide variety of possibilities to be able to adapt to the needs of facilities:

- Different finish versions: aluminium and polyurethane pads.

- Different versions: with backrest and without backrest.

- Different dimensions (from 2 seaters -125 cm- to 7 seaters - 435 cm-) with two legs.

- Option of armrest in any position and possibility of using different materials: aluminium and polyurethane.

- Option of side tables.

- Practically no need of maintenance.

- Practically whole life warranty.

Benches for maritime passengers terminals

Other passenger terminal seating


High stools

Passengers of an airplane, a train or a boat may prefer to stretch their legs when waiting in the rest area of a terminal since they spend many hours sited while travelling. That's why there are more and more waiting areas equipped with high stools, another way of conceiving rest. It is very common to find this type of seating for passenger terminals in hospitality and leisure spaces, for example, in a cafeteria of a station or a coffee corner of an airport. Our SET Stools program is indicated for these spaces.


New tendencies

There are more current designs that also are present in passenger terminals. SLAM Seating Beam, for example, has a modern design that maintains the necessary basic features, functionality and resistance. For its part, BACK Modular Seating, allows multiple seating configurations, so it is presented as a good option when equipping the waiting area of an airport or any station. Wood and upholstery of this modular system provide comfort and warmth to passengers.

The same happens with BILDU Bench, elegant and functional at the same time, ideal for any rest area. BILDU is actually a modular seating system that allows compositions from one to four seaters to which armrests and even tables could be added. Forming different configurations, the purity of the design is maintained because the linking systems are hidden. BILDU Bench can be in natural wood, stained and upholstered.

The versatility that offers this design by Mario Ruiz, being able to form both individual and several seaters seating, makes it a suitable seating for waiting rooms of any passenger terminal.

If you want to know more about our models of waiting chair and benches for passenger terminals, or about the projects in which our products have been used as passenger terminal seating, you can see some examples below.