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SQUARE et CALM, deux éléments clé dans les nouveaux espaces collaboratifs

21.06.2019 | Produit

Le système d’assises modulaires SQUARE et le programme de cloisons CALM sont les deux dernières créations de Mario Ruiz pour Sellex, qui respirent sont style par tous ses pores, un design qui en dit beaucoup avec peu. Le designer a travaillé sur ces deux projets avec pour objectif de ‘créer des espaces qui permettent la détente et la communication’ dans le milieu professionnel. Mario a bien réussi avec CALM et SQUARE, qui s’adaptent parfaitement au nouveau concept de bureau.


Mario Ruiz, photographie de Caterina Barjau

Mario Ruiz, photographie de Caterina Barjau


What inspired you to create CALM and SQUARE?

I am an industrial designer, my work is quite similar to that of a doctor, who does not need inspiration to tend to patients. I listen to the client and make an effort to understand what they need, what is happening to them and to do tailored, personal work.

How was the creative process?

As I say, everything stems from a conversation, or several, with the client; that is the beginning of the creative process. When designing, I go from the minimum to the whole: I work on the details one by one and their sum builds the whole. That has also been the journey to finish these two projects for Sellex.

According to your way of understanding design, function is essential. Which function do CALM and SQUARE fulfil? In what different spaces do you think they might work?

These are two projects that emerged at the same time. Their function is to create spaces that allow for connection, communication and work in greeting areas, coworking spaces, lounge spaces and private spaces. Both answer to an approach that is very open in possibilities as they allow creating areas of different reach: to work only for a while or during several hours.

You highlight honesty as the fundamental premise in design. How are CALM and SQUARE honest? How would you define them?

When I speak about honesty, I’m referring to the way they meet their function through a design that is right and balanced; that they fulfil their mission to work. To me, it is a priority to do things that don’t create difficulties for the client, neither in manufacturing, nor in commercialization. That is to me the meaning of an honest product.

What do CALM and SQUARE have that others do not have?

The great diversity of configuration possibilities and materials that allows creating spaces that are very different.

On one occasion you have commented that you feel comfortable in “uncomfortable” projects because they mean a challenge and the result is usually more innovative. Do you consider that this project has been “uncomfortable”?

I think that in general, when you control the situation it’s difficult to achieve something new, interesting, because you don’t take risks. In more challenging projects, you get out of that sense of control, you take risks and demand more from yourself. That forces you to do a harder job of reflection and questioning, and that’s why more rewarding projects often arise.

What do you highlight most in your collaboration with Sellex?

Sometimes it seems that you have to be in contact with other people in order to do a project, but it is the other way around: the project is what leads you to build a strong bond with other professionals. The connection with Sellex is wonderful, we understand each other very well. To me, that is the most important part of projects, the best one.

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