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Chaise NEST, le nid qui s'adapte à vous

04.01.2023 | Produit

Créer quelque chose à partir de 0 et faire face à une feuille blanche est très difficile. Surtout à une époque où il semble que tout est inventé.

Dans cet entretien avec Jordi Pla, designer de la Chaise NEST, nous parlons d'inspiration, de processus créatif et de développement technique. On se plonge dans le cheminement à faire pour qu'un nouveau meuble voie le jour. De l'idée à sa matérialisation.

De plus, comme bon 'père' de l'enfant, nous lui demandons d'expliquer les bienfaits de cette 'progéniture'. Parce que lui et l'équipe Sellex aiment la Chaise NEST et cela, inévitablement, se transmet.

  • What inspired you to create NEST? The inspiration for the NEST Chair arose unexpectedly, in the residence that I have in the Pyrenees, in one of the rooms there is an 18th century botanical illustration of a tulip. This is shown in a very special way both in arrangement, shape and proportion. One day at the end of summer, in the morning, I was observing it carefully, it was as if it had a message for me, I don't know how to explain it, it was so magnetic that I decided to draw it and thanks to this ancestral ritual I found the hidden message because I didn't end up drawing an interpretation of the tulip but rather sketch the first drawing of the future NEST Chair.

  • How was the creative process? From this first revealing drawing and at the dawn of the inspirational message, I began to pull the thread of creative development and many more drawings were added, with the aim of deciphering the final formula for the design of the chair. In a first phase I continue to be inspired by flowers. With the petals I found a surface that could provide utility, comfort and identity. In a second evolutionary phase, the idea of ​​a flower faded due to its formal excess and the idea of ​​a nest with adaptive parts began to project itself in my mind. Finally, and after many drafts, I got the final drawing by which, for the first time, the gestural characteristic of the side armrest was revealed, immediately understanding the benefits of this specific and fully integrated form. The NEST Chair was already born.

  • How would you define it? What would your slogan be? NEST is a chair structured in such a way that, on the one hand, it can be stacked and, on the other, thanks to the two side dividers, NEST has an intelligent backrest that adapts to the user's back when he/she leans on it. The slogan would be; NEST the nest that adapts to you and that can be stacked.
Chaise NEST de Jordi Pla
Chaise NEST de Jordi Pla


  • What does it perform? (Tell us about the different applications that NEST has and in what different spaces you think the chair would fit) The NEST Chair meets all the essential functions required of a chair focused on the contract market. Comfort, ergonomics, the possibility of adapting different types of legs, a variety of upholsteries and the versatility of creating a complete program that includes versions with and without armrests, high and normal stools and even creating benches. The NEST structure offers a meta-shape that allows progressive adaptability of the backrest to the inclination of the user, providing a perfect fit when sitting. This type of chair rarely offers the possibility of being stacked and the NEST Chair has this property and that makes it ideal for hospitality, office, and installation environments. ... Obviously, thanks to these original functional qualities, the aesthetics of the NEST Chair stands out and is reflected in an essential, unique and timeless line.

  • Explain the use of materials and measurements. Why them? In the conceptual phase NEST was raised in plywood, but very assertively Sellex decided to raise the development of this in plastic injection. This decision has been key to the viability and impact of the NEST Chair. Apart from being able to influence the market in a more notable and economical way, we can offer 100% recyclable versions.

  • What is the greatest contribution of the NEST Chair? To sum it up in a very simple way, the NEST Chair has a closed shell -structure- that at the same time opens and stacks.

  • What is it like to work with Sellex? What did you like the most about this collaboration? Working with Sellex has been a truly special experience, not only because of their professionalism, know-how and perseverance, what has made this collaboration unique is the human quality and proximity to the entire management, technical, commercial and communication team. This factor has been decisive for a design that has pushed the possibilities of plastic injection to the limit and has turned this long development phase into a labyrinth of decisions that has been very risky and complex to solve. Without the enthusiasm and passion for good design that Sellex has, the NEST Chair would hardly have materialized. Delighted to continue collaborating with this great family.

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