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Sellex Benches at Inverness Justice Centre

29.03.2022 | Palace of Justice

The new Inverness Justice Centre in Scotland is established as the first Scottish centre that brings together criminal and civil courts under one roof, as well as other services: offices, reception and restaurant areas, waiting areas, meeting rooms... All this is distributed on two floors with a design that guarantees the accessibility of justice for all people.

It is an avant-garde building that offers improved and integrated facilities to different organizations that provide services to victims, witnesses and litigants. The most advanced technology in the new centre makes it possible for the most vulnerable witnesses to appear virtually, without the need to appear in court in person. Furthermore, the simplicity of the building contributes greatly to a sense of protection and calm achieved both through the sequence of rooms as well as the design of the building itself.

The building is the work of the Reiach and Hall Architects architecture studio, which for this work received recognition as Best Public Building 2021 at the Scottish Design Awards.


In the facilities we can find several benches designed for Sellex. One of the benches chosen to equip the Inverness Justice Center has been the BILDU Bench (Mario Ruiz) with 3, 4 and 6 seaters, with a natural oak finish for the shells and a white frame.

BILDU Bench in a waiting area at the Inverness Justice Centre
(copyright: Keith Hunter Photography)


The other one is the SLAM Beam by Lievore Altherr Molina, with different variants in the number of seaters (from 3 to 8). On this occasion, the white colour has been chosen for all its formats, a tone that fits perfectly in a building with abundant natural light such as the Inverness Justice Centre.
At Sellex we have extensive experience equipping this type of facility. SLAM has already equipped the Palace of Justice of Philadelphia (United States), BILDU the Family Courts of Sidney (Australia) and AERO the Palace of Justice in Nouméa (New Caledonia).
The benches used in these facilities must meet 3 essential requirements: be comfortable, robust enough to withstand the traffic of people and have a design that is consistent with the architecture and interior design of the building. At Sellex we are able to meet all three requirements in a single bench. Discover here the most representative Palaces of Justice projects in which we have participated.

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