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Beyond Design

What is Beyond Design?

It is our philosophy, our manifesto around a way of understanding and implementing our commitment to sustainability in all company activities and a way of contributing to raising awareness of our vision of good design.

We are honest design furniture editors. We connect spaces with people through intelligent, creative and functional solutions that last physically and temporarily.


Less, but better

Design is our value and the essence that makes us unique and relevant. Sustainability at Sellex lies at the heart of our conception of good design. And from there, it reaches a much broader goal, becoming a philosophy, a culture. This should always be the starting point and at the same time the goal of our journey.


A long-term commitment

Sustainability at Sellex is an attitude. And it is to act accordingly. It is knowing that we act with a vision of the future and respect for the past, taking advantage of what the present gives us in a conscious and consistent way.


Cultivate dialogue

Speaking naturally about design, we also share and reinforce our commitment to sustainability. By establishing an interesting dialogue with our public, our collaborators, with designers, with our environment and market, we will be able to talk naturally about design, also talking about sustainability.


Inspire to be inspired

In our intention to become benchmarks for good design, we want to inspire and make ideas flow, energize conversations, help discover new ideas. We want to create and share a space for exploration and learning to address the challenges of the future

Our principles
02Smart solutions
04Good design

Beyond Design

"We believe that to debug you have to listen, move and adapt. Change is the only constant."

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