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AERO, a seat to serve the citizen

26.10.2020 | Others

 The Girona Citizen Service Office (OAC) chooses the Sellex AERO Bench to equip its waiting areas, which receive between 500 and 1,000 users daily. And it is not the only public institution in Catalonia that has chosen this design by Lievore Altherr Molina to serve the citizen. We can also find the AERO Bench at the Municipal Institute of Social Services (IMSS) of the Barcelona City Council.

The projects are carried out by the RaichdelRio and RaichSoler architecture studios respectively, who opted for the AERO Bench 'because of its simple lines and pleasant shape'.

'In the architectural proposal we wanted the visual attention of the citizen to be directed to the intense white counters, and the light grey of the AERO Bench helped this purpose', explains LLuis Raich, one of its architects.

Raich also highlights the versatility of the design, as thanks to 'its friendly lines and the variety of dimensions it presents,' it is possible to adjust to different spaces.

The AERO version that we find in both facilities is the Selfstanding Aluminium Bench: with four seats in the Citizen Service Office, and with 4, 3 and 2 seats in the Municipal Institute of Social Services.

AERO Bench in the Girona Citizen Service office
The Girona Citizen Service Office chooses the AERO Bench to equip its waiting areas


A space for the citizen

The Girona Citizen Service Office was looking for a new office model that would improve the quality of care through the professionalization and specialization of the staff, on the one hand, and the adaptation of the space, on the other.

Therefore, the project aimed to seek contact with the citizen, inviting him or her to participate and feel part of a space that was comfortable to use.

To achieve this, the following conceptual axes were marked:

  • Conceive the installation as a unitary space, eliminating whenever possible the barriers between the citizen and the Administration.
  • Create a recognizable space, marking categories (arrival, attention, internal work ...) and establishing a type of furniture for each room (counters, shaped tables, standard tables).

The result is a new model of relationship with citizens of which Sellex has been a part with our AERO Bench.

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