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City Hall, architectural beauty next to the Thames

20.09.2018 | Others


Those who travel to London include a visit to the City Hall, one of the most emblematic buildings of the English capital. The London City Hall is the headquarter of the Greater London Authority (GLA), and is located on the south bank of the Thames, between the London Bridge and the Tower of London. A privileged place that still grants a greater charm to this already characteristic building. Its oval shape gives it a futuristic look that contrasts with the classic of its surroundings.

Norman Foster was responsible for this project that was inaugurated in 2002 and that bears its imprint. The building represents a radical reinterpretation of architectural forms, has marked a before and after architecture and Sellex is part of this new architectural approach.

Several AERO Benches, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, welcome visitors to the GLA Building in London at the lobby of the building. They have used aluminum benches with polyurethane pad,  leaving an exposed aluminum strip on the backrest. A version of the bench that, like the rest of the collection, is elegant and at the same time resistant.


 Ayuntamiento de Londres, Banco de aluminio Aero.
AERO aluminium Bench, City Hall London.


AERO Bench was born just one year before the inauguration of City Hall, so it can be said that they practically started their journey together. Since then, many lobbies and waiting rooms have been dressed with the AERO Bench, one of our most international benches.

A sustainable building

If we analyze more in detail the design of the City Hall, we will see that we are facing a sustainable and practically non-polluting building. It is estimated that as a whole can consume only a quarter of what consumes any conventional office building in London.

The oval shape of the GLA Building allows to control the solar radiation; offices are ventilated naturally; energy is obtained from photovoltaic panels and the building's cooling system uses pumped groundwater. This is how the building achieves a very optimal energy efficiency.

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