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Estudi Blanc

Juan Antonio Blanc , Oriol Blanc  1971, Pau Joan Vidal

Main activity areas:

  • Industrial design of furniture and lightening in the fields of Home, office and outdoors.
  • Interior designs of private, public and commercial spaces.
  • Design,manufacturing and assambling of products and/or installations with an specific aim, uncommom practice in the market.
  • Collaboration in the design and production process of author products in series

Company professional profile:

The team has a long and wide experience in the design field, with a great capacity to observe and share the concern and needs of the customer or company in order to give proper solutions to the requirements.

They offer new ideas or alternatives to the current products in the market which are innovating, industrially processable and esthetically satisfactories, and follow closely every single process  in the creation of the new product.

 Awards and Prizes:

  • Delta de oro ADI-FAD lamp 'cónica' Tramo (1965).
  • Delta de oro ADI-FAD lamp 'semi-esférica' Tramo (1966).
  • Delta de plata ADI-FAD lamp 'globo' Tramo (1968).
  • Delta de plata lamp 'sinclina' metalarte (1991).
  • Best spanish design Prizeferia, Madrid lamp 'sinclina' Metalarte (1991).
  • Several ADI-FAD Mentions

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T-99 Shelving-Units

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