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AERO Bench in Dubai International Financial Centre

27.01.2020 | Others


The AERO Bench, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Sellex, is the seat chosen to equip the various waiting areas of the Dubai International Financial Centre (United Arab Emirates), the financial centre for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Specifically, the DIFC has 4 seater AERO Benches, with Compact textured shell and brown-painted stainless steel legs. The chosen bench model is self-standing, so it may be fixed on the floor or not, although in this case they are not.

For Sellex it is an honour to have been part of such magnitude project as this extensive complex, in which in addition to the relevant financial institutions, we can find other services as art galleries, restaurants, cafes, shops, residential apartments and several green areas.

AERO Bench in Dubai International Financial Centre.
DIFC equipped with AERO Bench


A unique cultural experience

RMJM was the architecture studio entrusted with the construction of the main buildings of the DIFC complex: the Gate Precinct and the Gate Building. Moreover, they were also responsible for turning the Gate Avenue (an 880m long walkway) into a 'unique cultural experience' in the region. RMJM also enhanced the experience of the residents and visitors through sophisticated shops and restaurants, all connected by a green area.

The result by RMJM has been a varied environment in which perfectly integrated three areas are differentiated. The Northern Zone serves as a meeting point for business professionals, with luxury and exclusive shops; in the Central Zone we find a wide range of restaurants, both indoor and outdoor; finally, the Southern Zone is mainly residential and it is designed to create a community experience for the whole family.

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