Basic Chair 100/100


Basic Chair 100/100



Both the seat and the backrest of MASS Chair 100/100 Basic are made of 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene. Just as the rest of the MASS family seating, it is a stackable chair up to 40 units on a trolley and up to 15 on the floor.

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Textured and 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene in different thickness.
Steel rod of 11mm diameter epoxy textured coat.

Packing unit : 4 per box
Box dimensions: 620x600x910 theoric measure
Chair weight: 5 kg
Stackable: on trolley: 40 units, on the floor: 15 units


MASS Chair 100/100 Basic

Technical data MASS Chair 100/100 Basic

pdf - 65.31 Kb

2D File MASS Chair 100/100 Basic

dwg - 298.71 Kb

3D File MASS Chair 100/100 Basic

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100% recycled and recyclable Polypropylene Finishings

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Gallery of Photos MASS Chair 100/100

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Warranty Product

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Catalogue MASS Chair - complete collection

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Certificate UNE-EN 16139:2013/Corrected version 2015 (Level L1, general use)

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Certificate UNE-EN 16139:2013/Corrected version 2015 (Level L2, hard use)

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ANSI/BIFMA certificate X5.1-2017, type III chair

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