Chair with Armrests


Chair with Armrests



This version of MASS Chair has armrests on the sides, but shares with MASS Basic Chair the rest of characteristics: stackable up to 40 units on a trolley (20 on the floor), a refined design and a sturdy structure. Manufactured in polypropylene, it is available in different colours and upholsteries.

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Textured polypropylene in different thickness.
Upholstered seat with polyurethane foam of 42 kg/m3 density.
Steel rod of 11mm diameter epoxy textured coat.

Packing unit : 4 per box
Box dimensions: 620x600x910 theoric measure
Chair weight: 5,5 kg
Stackable: on trolley: 40 units, on the floor: 8 units


Mass Chair with armrests
Linking piece

Linking piece

Anti-panic Writing Tablet

Anti-panic Writing Tablet

Dimension : 29,7 x 21 x 1,2 cm



Dimension : 87,5 x 58,5 x 43,5 cm

Row Number holder

Row Number holder

Column Number holder

Column Number holder

MASS Installations

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Frame Finishings

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Technical data MASS with armrests

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2D File MASS with armrests

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3D File MASS with armrests

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Polypropylene Finishings

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Warranty Product

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Gallery of Photos MASS

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Catalogue MASS Chair

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MASS Chair Sales tools

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