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AERO Bench travels around Prague by electric boat

12.04.2021 | Others

The Bella Bohemia is an electric boat that sails on the river in the city of Prague. This magnificent city is well known for its beauty and AERO Benches are now part of it., On board of the Bella Bohemia, visitors can admire stunning views and rest on the AERO Bench. Half a hundred selfstanding AERO Benches with 2, 3 and 5 seats have been installed on the boat.

The architecture of the Czech capital speaks for itself and is the one that takes centre stage during the sightseeing tour at the Bella Bohemia. The AERO Bench, with its minimalist and timeless design, is put at the service of this emblematic city to simply limit itself to accompanying it.

The catamaran, with capacity for 250 people, is all made in aluminium. That was one of the reasons why the architect Vera Hampl decided to choose the AERO selfstanding Bench, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina for Sellex. 'The other reason was that we wanted the design to copy the lightness of the whole project,' adds Vera.

AERO Bench on the electric boat Bella Bohemia
AERO Bench on the electric boat Bella Bohemia


The architect Vera Hampl chose the unfixed version of the AERO Bench. This give the opportunity to change the set up as needed in the boat.

An emission-free tourist boat

The Bella Bohemia is the first fully electric boat in sailing around Prague and the first in Europe of this size (25 m long and almost 10 m wide). This last generation tourist boat is primarily used for regular sightseeing cruises, although it can also be rented for private events. Both options become quite an experience, thanks to the glass walls of the ship and the excellent viewpoint at the top.

The vessel was built at the German Bolle shipyard in Derben. Nowadays, it is docked in Kampa leisure port and thanks to the air condition and heating system, it can be used during all the year.

Being electric, the Bella Bohemia boat is silent and emission-free. The operation of the boat, including the propulsion, is carried out by batteries with a total capacity of 100 kWh.

In normal operation, at 50% engine power, the boat can travel for more than 6 hours. For safety reasons, there are also 2 diesel generators on board, which are capable of recharging the batteries and covering all consumption even at full power. These generators can fully charge the batteries in less than an hour.

Another remarkable aspect of its electric motors is its ability to rotate 360 ”‹”‹°, which guarantees excellent manoeuvrability.

In short, a light boat, respectful with the environment and with the best views of the city of Prague. Welcome on board of the Bella Bohemia.

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