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Eco-friendly furniture 100% recycled and recyclable

Talk about ecological furniture is to talk about furniture with a low environmental impact and, for this, it is necessary to think of ecological furniture from its own design.

We must start from the idea and keep in mind all the times that we want to design an ecological piece of furniture. For this, it is essential that the methodology used by companies to design their products corresponds to the requirements of ecological design (Eco-design). The European standard that includes these requirements is UNE-EN ISO 14006: 2011 (by which SELLEX has been certified since 2012).

But Eco-design is the first step. From there it is necessary to continue working to obtain furniture without toxic materials and with 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Recycled plastic (polypropylene) furniture is common in sustainable furniture, but in addition to polypropylene in the design and manufacture of furniture, other materials (wood, steel, etc.) are used that also allow us to classify furniture as ecological.

Circular economy and sustainable furniture

The fact that a piece of furniture (a chair, a bench, a table ...) is more or less sustainable depends on its life cycle, its duration and the subsequent management of its waste. That is what differentiates sustainable furniture from conventional. This is what we know as a circular economy. But what do we understand by this concept of circular economy?

The circular economy is based on the use of resources. A system that attempts to reduce both the use of raw materials and the generation of waste. The idea is to reuse and recycle, always adding value. In the case of furniture, the idea is that if a piece of furniture reaches the end of its life, its materials can continue to be part of the economy, giving life to another piece of furniture. That is circular economy.

The choice of materials is the key to achieve healthy furniture for the planet. Access to materials should be as close as possible, that is, the more local the material, the more sustainable the furniture will be. At last, we want to achieve the smallest footprint of environmental impact.

But the design of the piece must also show the idea of ​​the ecological. In this sense, you have to think of functional designs that have more than one use (for example, a stool that can be used as a side table); designs with a long service life and ready to be repaired; and designs that can be easily disassembled for recycling.

Therefore, not everything depends on the materials with which it is manufactured. You have to have a global vision and also consider all these aspects.

Likewise, we should not forget about other harmful elements that are sometimes used in the manufacturing process and that are sometimes so volatile that they can come off the furniture and contaminate the space. All these toxic components are not considered in the design and manufacture of ecological furniture.

Benefits of using eco-friendly office furniture

More and more companies are opting for ecological office furniture for the use and enjoyment of their employees, since all are advantages.

It is not just a matter of protecting our planet, by using sustainable office furniture we will also be protecting our health, since the chosen furniture will be free of toxic and harmful substances.

In addition, as we said, durability is another characteristic of sustainable office furniture and, therefore, in the long term we will save.

Recycled plastic chairs (polypropylene)

The battle against plastic has long been a reality, as this is one of the most polluting materials on the planet. That's why, in all sectors, a great effort is being made to be able to reuse it once the product life cycle has ended.

Furniture design and manufacturing goes a step further and recycled polypropylene chairs are now a reality. At SELLEX it is something that we have always in mind and we have reinvented some pieces to turn them into more ecological chairs, which fit into the well-known circular economy. This is the case of the SLAM Chairs 100/100, the MASS Chairs 100/100 and the NEST Chairs 100/100. If the conventional version was already perfect to furnish an office, this new more sustainable version is much more so. We have 100% recycled and 100% recyclable polypropylene chairs with low environmental impact.

The SELLEX 100/100 Range of chairs also offers different heights and models that fits perfectly with the needs of each company and the styles of each office.

Recycled polypropylene stools

When we talk about recycled plastic (polypropylene) furniture in an office, you have to consider the stool, as a seating place already very present in work spaces. A stool is itself a very versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a side chair, as a seating place or as a side table. This is the case of the 100/100 HANDY Stool designed by Stephen Philips for SELLEX. This recycled polypropylene stool offers the functionality of a side chair. And it is not only 100% recycled, but also 100% recyclable.

The SET Sled base Stool 100/100 is another seat that we offer at SELLEX within the range of recycled office furniture, another multifunctional piece that has different heights.

The NEST collection offers two High Chairs, 65 cm and 76 cm respectively, which are also available in the 100/100 version.

Recycled material side table

Auxiliary furniture is very necessary in the business world and can be very useful in the new collaborative work environment that are present in many offices. A light side table and easy to move from one side to another according to the needs of each moment, it is almost essential in a co-working space. And if it is a side table made of recycled material, much better. In this way, we will be complying with all the premises of ecological furniture: in addition to being recycled and recyclable plastic (polypropylene) furniture, they are multifunctional and durable tables.

Furniture and sustainable architecture

It is useless to design ecological furniture if they are not in a sustainable architectural environment. It must be a set of concepts and focus the furniture and sustainable architecture as a whole.

As with interior furniture or sustainable urban furniture, sustainable architecture uses environmentally friendly materials and construction processes. And, just as to get an ecological piece of furniture it is necessary start from the design, also in architecture you have to start from the origin, only this way we will have ecological constructions. Therefore, it all begins by analysing the natural conditions of the land on which it is going to be built to determine the limitations and see how sustainability can be achieved through the design of the building, the materials and the techniques to be used. Without forgetting the efficient consumption of energy.

Avoid deforestation

There are many reasons of why protecting our forests is vital. Among other things, trees are responsible for cleaning the air by retaining more than 40% of the planet's CO2, regulating the climate and hindering desertification. They are not called green lungs for nothing!

For all these reasons, deforestation must be avoided, and ecological furniture contributes to this. The wood used for the manufacture of this type of sustainable furniture comes from forests of controlled felling that are regularly reforested, thus favouring that our forests remain alive.

A better and fairer world

Apparently there is no reason to appreciate differences between ecological and conventional furniture, but there really are many. As we have seen, sustainable furniture allows us to use natural materials and processes that respect the environment, which will result in healthy furniture for the planet and for us, because they do not pollute space. They are furniture that minimize the environmental footprint and contribute to non-deforestation. In short, they are furniture that allows us to contribute our grain of sand in building a better and fairer world.

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