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  • 12.03.2018

    LORCA, your working table

    LORCA Table was designed by Abad Diseño studio with the firm idea to be a working table. Materials together with its singular design have made LORCA Table a demanded piece as part of the...

  • 05.03.2018

    When is it appropriate to use a design lounge chair?

    Many are the spaces where a design lounge chair would fit into. Design lounge chairs go well in waiting rooms or some zones of a library...even in offices and companies there are spaces where a...

  • HAMMOK Lounge Chair in companies offices


    IBERCAJA Bank has renovated its office-branches with HAMMOK Lounge Chair

    Financial Company, Ibercaja, one leader in the spanish market, has counted on HAMMOK lounge chair (designed by Burkhard Vogtherr) to renovate its office-branches. They have over 1.000 branches...