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Marie Curie Children Oncological, a hospital built by the people

01.02.2024 | Health

More than 350,000 donations and more than 4,000 sponsorships. These are the figures that made the construction of the Marie Curie Children Cancer Hospital in Bucharest (Romania) possible. It is the first health facility to open its doors thanks to a Crowdfunding project, led by the local NGO 'Give Life Association'. So we can say that it has been built with the effort of the people.

Without a doubt, the way it is financed is something that makes it stand out, but it is not the only thing. The Marie Curie Children Cancer Hospital also has a number of new features that make it unique: it offers multidisciplinary treatment for children with cancer and serious illnesses, has the first children's radiotherapy department in Romania, a fully digitalised medical unit, an efficient BMS system and an ICU with individual rooms.

Beds for patients and relatives

In 'Give Life Association' they were very clear: they wanted to offer dignified treatment conditions to the children, but also to the families, as the support of parents is key in the recovery of children with cancer. For this reason, the wellbeing of the family is extremely important.

According to the Association, one of its objectives with this hospital was to create spaces that serve both the patient and his or her family, as well as the medical staff. 'Spaces where children can continue their childhood and their parents no longer have to sleep in a chair next to the bed,' they add.

This is where Sellex comes into the project, when it comes to equipping the rooms.

The programme chosen was LA LITERAL, it could be no other. The LA LITERAL Folding Beds and Bunk Beds, designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, are often used in hotels and hostels, but they are also very practical in hospital facilities, both for the enjoyment of patients and their families, as well as for the rest of the medical staff themselves.

This is what the new hospital wanted to achieve, to provide the facility with spaces that would also facilitate the daily tasks of healthcare professionals.

In total, around 60 units of 190x90 bunk beds have been installed, as well as several 190x90 and 200x90 beds.

Thanks to this equipment by Sellex, the parents of the patients will no longer have to sleep in a chair next to the bed.

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