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Blau Museum in Barcelona (Spain) gets AERO bench and FAST table to be part of the furniture equipment

29.03.2011 | Education

The Blau Museum (Blue Museum) in Barcelone (former Museum of Natural Sciences) has been completely renewed to become, from now on, its new headquarters, the Forum Building. The museum is equipped with AERO bench (Lievore Altherr Molina) and Fast table (Carlos Tíscar).

The new space, located in the building Herzog & De Meuron, built in 2004, has 5.000 m2 of exhibition space. The architects have developed the museum design and adaptation of space to his new role. This is an equilateral triangle of 180 meters side and 25 meters height. The spaces for the museum, roundabout 9.000m2 in total, spread over three floors.

The architects involved in the project have chosen AERO bench and FAST table to equip different areas of the museum facilities.

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