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Open-air summer cinema with the MASS Chair

13.09.2023 | Education

Good habits should not be lost and that is why open-air cinema continues to be a summer classic that the Doré cinema in Madrid (Spain) wanted to recover. A screening space of Spanish Film Library that after having been closed for 7 years, reopens its doors to film lovers who want to enjoy a good film in the open air during the summer.

This place has a lot of charm and also a lot of history. The first Doré cinema opened in 1912, in its current location in the Antón Martín neighbourhood of Madrid. Since then, the Doré cinema has experienced a real rollercoaster. Glorious years, years of decline... but all this has been enough to transform it into what it is today. A place to enjoy the cinema that has three screening rooms: two inside and one in summer, the Berlanga room, in the open air and reconditioned in search of the comfort of its spectators.

Comfort that firstly involves the choice of suitable seats, which on this occasion has been our MASS Chair in its version with armrests. A seat that meets the needs of the installation:

  • First and foremost, a comfortable chair was required and MASS is it. With a timeless and refined design, the MASS Chair has a backrest that is only 5.5 mm thick, which makes it lightweight without sacrificing its robustness.

  • Secondly, a chair with an outdoor treatment would be required. MASS has it, as it has an anti-corrosion treatment that allows the seats to be used outdoors (as long as they are not exposed to the elements).

  • And last but not least, we were looking for a colour scheme to match the style of the room. MASS is capable of this. This design by ITEMdesignworks for Sellex is available in different colours and upholsteries. For this project, the tones that best matched the garden elements decorating the summer cinema room were chosen: musgo green and camel.

It should also be noted that MASS is a stackable seating up to 40 units on a trolley and 20 on the floor, so that space can be optimised to the maximum when not all the chairs are needed. 

In fact, one of the accessories requested by Doré cinema was a trolley to transport the chairs more comfortably, specifically 3 units. In addition, we have used the linking piece which is used to make aligned rows so that the chairs do not move.

We couldn't like more the result of the space. And sometimes reality is better than fiction. Are you coming with us to enjoy a good film?

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