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Delle Oblate Library in Florence extends its premises

10.09.2015 | Education

Delle OBLATE Libray is a little tressure in the heart of Florence. It is located at a former monastery which has become a cultural and media center, lovely merging the old and modern spirit of the city. It has amazing views of the Duomo and Brunelleschi's Domo. It is a must visit city. And now more than ever due to this extension.

In the area for kids, and to help keeping the books and tales, they have chosen the JAKIN Program as its shelving units, designed by Abad Diseño, provide the versatility a library requires to locate all type of materials in a same bay.

JAKIN Program, Shelving-Units


This shelving system can be adapted to different depths and lengths allowing compositions which optimize the space and they can also be completed with doors, drawers and face-to-face shelving units.

Furthermore, can we picture a library without reading tables? They are, together with shelving units, the element which will highlight the aesthetic of the library. They should count on accessories such as workplace's divider, connection kit, USB port, lighting, summary, they must be ready to ensure a proper space for reading and studying, supplying all electronic resources nowadays required.

On this occasion, la Oblate has relied on LORCA Table, which belongs to our JAKIN series too. It is a tables system offering all those options besides a well known and unique aesthetic.

LORCA Table, JAKIN Program


Last but not least, in the extension of the italian library, our Chair HAMMOK, a creation of the german designer Burkhard Vogther, is equipping the conference rooms. This seat is peculiar due to a lucky combination of the wooden shell, simple but envolving and the steel rod duly curved in such a way that shell and rod frame merge in a sole structure, suitable for this kind of installations.

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