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How to choose the right furniture for a Library?

17.03.2015 | Education

Furniture is a main subject when projecting the design of a library and we at Sellex, can help you with our JAKIN system series.

Reception desk, Reading tables or Shelving-units are some of the elements to be considered when selecting the furniture for a library. Let's see the features of each one:

1.- Reception Desk.

When going into a library, the reception desk is the first place to welcome people and will be delimit the two aeas, that of attention to the public and that of the staff. The dimensions of it must be suitable both for employees and users. Our JAKIN Library system series cover several singular reception desks in different sizes and finishings which can be adapted to the librarians requirements and improve the relationship with library users.

Reception Desk MRAD of JAKIN series

Reception Desk MRAD of JAKIN series

2.- Working and Reading Tables.

Working Desks have a relevant rol in a Library. Either they can be single or forming compositions in groups. The main point is that they meet with the users needs. Hence that JAKIN series will give you a variety of choices which will allow to satisfy the highest demanding users.

JAKIN series Workplaces

JAKIN series- Workplaces

On the other hand, Reading Tables are, together with shelving-units, the piece which will most enhance the library's looking, as they are seen and used by everybody in the library.

They have to be provided with workplaces dividers, connection kit, incorporated general, ready to offer a reading or studying area which enables the use of all necessary current electronic displays.

JAKIN series counts on LORCA tables system which offers all these options, as well as a wellknown and unique aesthetic .

Reading Room at LA FE Hospital

Reading Room at LA FE Hospital's Library

3.- Shelving-units.

Shelving-units serve for storing books, magazines, and other media items like CD's or DVD's and it is important thay they are prepared to accomodate all these items in the same bay, that's why the shelving-units have to be versatile.

Also, it is necessary that they can be adapted to different depths and lengths (the latter is to allow making compositions that can facilitate space saving and therefore, they can storage more books). Besides, many times, these compositions also serve as divider, being necessary to use face-to-face compositions to achieve separated areas.

Sometimes, it is requested that compositions may have a lock system to limit access to certain kind of documentation or information without the librarian's approval. So, JAKIN series offers an uncountless number of options in height, width and depth, which in combination with doors, drawers and face to face shelving-units, complete a comprehensive system for libraries.

Dimensions of JAKIN Series

Dimensions of JAKIN Series' Shelving-unti bays

Last but not least, this furniture program for libraries is available in different finishings so the project can enjoy its own personality.

4.- Singular Items.

Singular items will tell us whether a furniture program is meant for libraries or if it has just been adapted for a library's room.
br/> If we talk about an concrete furniture program for libraries, as JAKIN is, there a few essential items which will help meeting the most demanding librarians.

Hereby some singular items within JAKIN catalogue :

Computer desk

Computer desk

CD & DVD  Display

CD & DVD Display

Computer consultation post & Wall display

Computer consultation post & Wall display

Kids area

Kids area

Books trolley

Books trolley

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