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Kursaal Congress Hall and Auditorium in San Sebastian related to AERO Bench

18.04.2016 | Others

Ni Neu Restaurant (belonging to IXO Group, including Mugaritz Restaurant, Bodegón Alejandro, Nerua Restaurant and Guggenheim Bistro) is located inside Kursaal Congress Hall building. They wanted to have AERO Bench (designed by Lievore Altherr Molina) displayed at the terrace outdoors and there it is.

Kursaal Congress Hall was projected by Architect Rafael Moneo and nowadays it has become a city's icon.

The success of this reference is double:

  • Special Dimensions of the bench were required (more than 10m. long bench was needed).
  • The location of the bench being one exposed to hazardous weather conditions (Kursaal is right at the mouth of Urumea river where it splits into the sea and the terrace is facing this river side).


However we can assure that AERO Bench has satisfactorily passed both achievements:

  • Dimensions: Special dimensions AERO benches were produced (some with more than 10m length) by joining profiles longitunidally.
  • Resistance to corrosion: The Bench has not suffered any corrosion since it was installed there.


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