Mont de Marsan: a reference library


Jakin Shelves in the Mont de Marsan Library


The Mont de Marsan Library (France), a benchmark in the libraries world, uses the JAKIN Shelving System, designed by ABAD Diseño.

The project, developed by the architecture studio Archi5, was awarded the Chicago Athenaeum International Architecture Prize and won the Leaf Awards for the best cultural building, among other recognitions.

The Mont de Marsan library is a completely square contemporary building (60m x 60m) that comes to simulate an "covered-but-open" cultural plaza. Its glass facades allow you to enter into building and also be outside from inside....

JAKIN library furniture in the Media Library Mont de Marsan
Mont de Marsan Media Library.


The Library is located next to the barracks of Bosquet, an environment with which it contrasts. But its geometric and pure lines manage to maintain a constant dialogue with the architectural ensemble of the area.

Inside,  we can access to all type of documentation in all supports designed for leisure and study. Internet access, loans of documents, multimedia files ... are some of the services offered. In addition, it has an interesting agenda of cultural activities aimed at all audiences: debates, conferences, screenings, musical acts, book presentations, exhibitions, storytelling for children and many more.

JAKIN at the Mont de Marsan Library

For us it is a pride that this reference  library has decided to use JAKIN System for some of its spaces, a very appropriate product for this type of facilities, because JAKIN is much more than furniture for libraries. The usual system of shelves is joined by a set of elements that adapts to each type of installation: reception counters, consultation tables, books carts, reading posts, even playroom elements.

JAKIN Shelving System at Media Library Mont de Marsan
JAKIN Shelving units at the Mont de Marsan Media Library.


This wide range of products means that the JAKIN Program can cover the needs of a library, but also those of other spaces such as offices or museums. And of course, cultural spaces such as the Mont de Marsan Library.