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The AERO Bench awaits the train at Murcia Station

14.07.2021 | Terminals

Once again, a railway station has placed its trust in the AERO Bench designed by Lievore Altherr Molina to equip its waiting areas. In this case it is the Carmen Station in Murcia (Spain) which has been renovated for the undergrounding of the tracks in the capital of Murcia.

A total of twenty 6-seater AERO Bench selfstanding, each with 5 central arms, have been installed in the passenger terminal, making a total of 120 seats available.

The current Carmen Station is a provisional terminal, as the project also contemplates in one of its phases the undergrounding of the same. However, although the terminal structure will change, the waiting areas will continue to be equipped with one of our most long lasting waiting seating.

Murcia Train Station equipped with the AERO Bench


The choice of AERO as a bench for a passenger terminal (be it an airport, train station or bus station) is very common, mainly because of the quality of its materials. Made of aluminium and stainless steel, the AERO Bench makes it highly resistant to the passage of time, massive passenger use and inclement weather.

It is even able to withstand the corrosion that can be caused by the proximity of the sea, making it a seating that is also suitable for equipping sea terminals.

Elegance and visual lightness

If there is one thing the AERO Bench can boast of, it is elegance, because 'strength' does not always have to be synonymous with 'austerity'. When we came up with the design for AERO, we were looking for an elegant bench that was visually agile, and Lievore Altherr Molina certainly achieved this.  Such is its visual lightness that it seems to float above the ground, which is why we baptised it 'AERO'.

Murcia station is not the only passenger terminal that has chosen to equip its waiting areas with the AERO Bench, here you can see other facilities that have been conquered by AERO.

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