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A sturdy and versatile bench for Ourense Bus Station

06.07.2022 | Terminals

If there is something to highlight about VACANTE, it is its sturdiness and versatility, two features that have allowed its use as a waiting bench in all types of terminals, seeking the comfort of passengers while waiting for the arrival of their plane, bus, train or ship.

On this occasion, the users of the Ourense Bus Station can already enjoy this bench, designed by Enric Miralles for Sellex. Specifically, more than twenty benches have been installed in its version 00 Selfstanding, with 6 and 3 seaters and with a natural beech finish.

VACANTE Bench for terminal seating
The VACANTE Bench at the Ourense Bus Station


Ourense Station deserved a sturdy and versatile bench as VACANTE. An infrastructure that has more than 7,300 square metres, 16 docks for coaches and a passenger building of more than 700 square metres. This terminal annually receives almost 80,000 journeys and it is estimated that 400,000 passengers a year pass through it, a figure that can only increase if we take into account that it is integrated into the Foster+Partners and Juan Carlos Cabanelas project to join it with the AVE station and thus create a single transport node.

Much more than a station

The Ourense Bus Station project also contemplates another series of actions to recondition the surroundings of the station, including the construction of a square (Plaza de la Estación) that completes the redevelopment of the area.

Also the installation of an ornamental fountain to highlight the thermal character of the city of Ourense. A work by the architecture studio Müller-Feijoo from Ourense, which explains that the structure evokes the thermal pool of As Burgas.

The project also includes the 'literary humanisation in the area of the docks' that includes pieces by Ourense authors. Verses by Valentín Lamas Carbajal, Manuel Curros Enríquez, Antón Losada Diéguez, Vicente Risco, Pura and Dora Vázquez, or José Ángel Valente, among others.

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