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LISE, a contemporary chair with classical touches

28.02.2024 | Product

Who hasn't felt nostalgia at some point? Nostalgia is something that accompanies every human being, an emotion that should be seen as something positive, because nostalgia, seen from an optimistic point of view, is what helps us to keep memories alive.

We also feel this nostalgia at Sellex and, for this reason, we wanted to bring the lifelong furniture to the present day. How? By reinterpreting the classic chair of a lifetime, so that in today's installations we can also enjoy the furniture of yesteryear. This is how the LISE Chair was born, a contemporary style seating that represents the return to the essence of the classic wooden shell chair.

With a pure and subtle design, the LISE Chair adds character and presence to any space. Its versatility allows it to fit into both hospitality facilities and workspaces, as this chair perfectly combines timeless aesthetics with contemporary functionality.

LISE can be used in restaurants, hotels and offices, among other spaces. As its designer, Alberto Lievore, says: 'LISE was born from the need for a seating with great flexibility of use for the most diverse situations: from basic contract to light residential'.

Three versions for one chair

The variety of finishes completes this desire for functional and aesthetic service, whether you opt for simplicity in the Basic version or for greater comfort in the Upholstered versions. This 'classic reinvented' chair has 3 versions available: the LISE Basic Chair, the LISE Chair with Upholstered Seat, and the LISE Chair with Upholstered Seat and Backrest.

Both the seat and backrest of the Basic Chair are plywood boards made of oak layers 12 mm thick, and they are finished in transparent polyurethane varnish.

The frame is formed by 4 steel tube legs 16 x 2 mm diameter, painted in textured epoxy and with felt glides for smooth sliding.

Meanwhile, polyurethane foam with a density of 42 kg/m3 has been used for the upholstery.

Another outstanding feature of this new chair is that all versions of LISE are stackable up to four units on the floor, which allows optimising space. What more could you ask of a 'classic chair'? Without a doubt, LISE has been created to recover the best of tradition and put it at the service of the present.

Download here the catalogue and find out more about LISE.

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