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ZUBI Light, a multifunctional and design table

27.03.2024 | Product

The desires that a creator has when projecting a new design do not always coincide with the user's expectations. That is the challenge when creating a new piece of design furniture, and the ZUBI Light Table has more than met it. Hence its name 'zubi', which means bridge in Basque. The Abad design team chose this Basque word as a metaphor for the great potential of the new table, 'capable of uniting and matching the wishes of the designer and the client'. 

The ZUBI Light Table is a functional table system designed by Abad for Sellex. Thanks to its clean and neutral aesthetic, it can adapt to all imaginable environments and can be used for a variety of functions. From work or study spaces (offices, co-workings, libraries...) as a meeting table or for individual use; to airports or other passenger terminals, to equip their waiting areas. Not forgetting the hospitality sector, where it can be very useful in dining rooms, rest areas, etc. 

As you can see, if there is something remarkable in this design, it is undoubtedly its versatility, which is largely due to its different dimensions, both in length, depth and height. All this gives it a more or less informal character and allows meeting the needs of each space. 

In addition, with the aim of adding more functions without affecting its surface or for purely decorative purposes, two complementary auxiliary tables are available at different heights, which give ZUBI Light greater functionality. These supports are very practical at work tables, for example to place a computer, a coffee machine or a plant. And in the case of a dining room, for drinks, a menu or a bread basket. 

There is also the possibility of adding other accessories such as a footrest. And of course the increasingly necessary possibility of electrification, which is also available for all sizes of the ZUBI Light Table, could not be missing. 

In conclusion, the neutral design and the variety of sizes of ZUBI Light, make this table a versatile choice, pure reflection of the diversity of our current society. 

Download the catalogue here and find out more about ZUBI Light. 

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